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'X-Men: Days of Future Past' TRAILER Has Wolverine Traveling to The Past [WATCH] By Adriana Hille, EnStarz | Aug 12, 2013 03:27 PM EDT « Prev

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mail print Tags X-Men Days of Future Past Hugh Jackman (Photo : Reuters)

watches A leaked and dramatic trailer for Bryan Singer's  X-Men: Days of Future Past surfaced this week and  while the footage isn't ideal quality, it provides a bit of insight into the upcoming film.

buy watch In the forthcoming film, Wolverine is sent to the past to alter a major historical event. The event has the potential to negatively impact humans and mutants.  Patrick Stewart's character Professor Xavier narrates a majority the clip, in which several of the X-Men make an appearance.

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buy watch "So I wake up in my younger body and then what?" Wolverine is heard asking. 

One of the characters seen is Storm, who is played by Halle Berry. The actress recently told Total Film   that the movie contains a "pretty big" concept in regards to the threat the film's heroes face. She added, however, that there are tons of X-Men to combat the danger.

"I think it's big because there are so many X-Men in the movie," she said. "There's the young X-Men and there's the X-Men that started it all off. Just so many X-Men."

Through the trailer, the chaos is easily identified as the X-Men are seen battling for their lives.

The film's director has also teased fans with several photos of the film. His latest was an aggressive Mystique still that he posted on Twitter . The photo shows the mutant's blue leg kicking a man in the throat. The strength of her mighty kick is understood from the man's pained look.

Earlier in July, he tweeted  a photo displaying a few of the cast members filming in an environment that he called "the countryside." A car is also in the shot with a license plate that reads "U-Lucky."

Hugh Jackman's character, Wolverine, and the Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult, are visible in the shoot. The two characters were also photographed together in another scene back in May. Singer uploaded that photo on Twitter  as well, with the caption, "Welcome to 1973."

X-Men: Days of Future Past  will be released on May 23, 2014.

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